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SCRMCDiabetes Care

Diabetes Management

Helping Patients & Their Families Keep Diabetes Under Control

Diabetes is a lifelong condition that will require you to keep track of your blood sugar levels. This can seem like a difficult task at first, but after working with diabetes care professionals on management techniques, keeping diabetes under control will be second-nature.

We provide diabetes management courses for Type 1, Type 2, and gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes is a temporary form of diabetes that can affect pregnant women.

Our experienced diabetes care team can help you with:

  • Information on the latest techniques in diabetes self-management
  • Nutrition and meal planning
  • Insulin management
  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • Families and diabetes support
  • Stress management
  • Exercise
  • Managing diabetes during illness
  • Preventing or delaying diabetes complications
  • Preventing, recognizing, and treating emergencies involving diabetes

We have a Certified Diabetic Educator who will be happy to answer your questions and address concerns.

To contact our diabetes care team or schedule an appointment, call us at (800) 828-3627. Click here for more diabetes resources.