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Medical Services: Quality, Customer Service, and Outcomes

St. Croix Regional Medical Center is committed to an ongoing quality and performance improvement program to evaluate the quality, safety and effectiveness of the care delivered to our patients and their families.

CheckPoint gives a snapshot of Wisconsin hospitals' performance in key areas. With this information, you can see how often each hospital provides recommended care for patients with certain conditions or the progress hospitals have made towards national patient safety goals. This information may be used by the public to compare how different hospitals perform and to promote quality improvement efforts within hospitals. (Click Here for Reports)

St. Croix Regional Medical Center participates in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) HCAHPS survey process which is a standardized survey tool used to measure the patient’s perception of care provided during their acute care hospitalization.The data is available on the CMS Hospital Compare website for consumer review and comparison of participating facilities. This data is used by consumers when choosing a hospital for their healthcare needs. In Wisconsin, 110 hospitals participate in the HCAHPS survey process.

Fiscal year 2010-11 satisfaction results:

In July 2009, we implemented a survey process through the Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative (RWHC) to measure patient satisfaction in our clinics.  RWHC does a random mailing of the survey to 300 patients per quarter.  At this time, comparative data is not available, but RWHC has plans for implementation later this year. 

CheckPoint, developed by the Wisconsin Hospital Association, is a public reporting program of quality, safety and service measures.  The data is submitted to CMS for auditing and validity before being placed on the CheckPoint website.  CheckPoint provides reliable data on interventions that medical experts agree should be taken with regards to specific conditions and surgical procedures.  Research indicates this will lead to the best outcomes.  There are 125 hospitals in Wisconsin who voluntarily participate in the CheckPoint program.  By submitting our data electronically to the Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative, we are able to compare ourselves to the participating facilities as can the consumer. Measuring results against peers helps to identify opportunities for improvement in both process and care delivery. We are currently submitting data on pneumonia, surgical infection prevention care and congestive heart failure. 

Results for calendar 2010 on selected measures are:

Although some adverse drug reactions are not very serious, others cause the death, hospitalization, or serious injury of more than 2 million people in the United States each year. As a result, in 2008, we increased our efforts to report instances of even common drug side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, and dizziness.  We continue to document all adverse reactions in the patient's EMR (electronic medical record) to prevent recurrence. 

Our Adverse Drug Reactions per 100 inpatient discharges are:

Other ongoing monitoring of inpatient quality measures include: