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Newsletter: December 2010

How precious is your eye sight and other interesting information.

The significant expansion of advanced eye care services at SCRMC leads this issue. Mark Lobanoff, MD and David Folden, MD, of North Suburban Eye Specialists and their team now provides advanced diagnostics and many eye surgeries, including cataract and LasiK, as well as testing for glaucoma, cornea, and retinal problems.

Look for a fascinating article by our new neurologist, Dr. Gurdesh Bedi, “12 Questions You Always Wanted Answered About Seizures.”

Family Medicine specialist, Dr. Bill Beyer talks about instances in which antibiotics are useful, when they’re not, and the dangers of antibiotic resistance in Snort, Sniffle, Sneeze—very important information for everyone.

It’s December, and daylight is scarce: read more about SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and available treatments.

For what diseases are preventive screenings valuable? See pages 4-5! 

With the awareness of problems associated with concussions, especially among youth, SCRMC sports medicine staff now offers testing for the general public.


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